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How It Works

Measuring unit is made as a firm metallic beam with two cameras mounted in it. The beam consists of two parts: outer (for protection) and inner (precise beam supporting cameras). Such construction allows to decrease a risk of damage of important parts and provides advanced durability of the system during operation.

There are 23 IR lights on the lateral surface of the pointer. Power supply is provided by 4 AA batteries installed inside pointer shaft. Communication with the computer is made by optical commands, without any wires or wi-fi.

The pointer could be used with different probes:

1) Main probe: The shortest probe. It provides the highest accuracy of measurements.
2) Lateral probe: Rotates around shaft. Has four fixed positions. Suitable for measuring points located on vertical surfaces or in case there is not enough room between vehicle underside and bench or floor.
3) Long probe: Could be used when measured point is located in such a position that could present an obstacle between camera and pointer.
4) Extra-long probe: Used for measuring points located on difficult to reach parts of vehicle.

Probes could be changed during measurement. The probe number is registered by the computer by pressing on designated switch button on pointer.

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